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The Heart of Homemaking

When I started my blog in 2017, my goal was to inspire others through thrifty decor ideas, recipes, cleaning tips, and more. However, at the center of all these topics was a growing burden on my heart.

A desire to delve deeper and explore why our homes are so important and how they can impact generations to come. I am excited to take you along with me as we explore the heart of homemaking together.

Emily Z.

Andrea’s Heart of Homemaking course is exactly what I have been waiting for—a God-centered guide to practical homemaking with a purpose. As a full-time working wife and mother who also desires to create a beautiful life at home for my family, I truly appreciate her assurance that the process of homemaking can be unique to each person. In a world where I am constantly bombarded by perfect-looking social media accounts and the next “life-changing” product, Andrea brings encouragement that there is beauty in the simplicity of everyday living, and that we can find it in faithfully serving our families for the sake of the Gospel. 

Tamara G.

This homemaker’s course has been incredibly helpful in making my family’s house a home. Andrea lays such a solid foundation on the “why” we do what we do as homemakers. Our ultimate goal should be to glorify God in our simple, everyday tasks. When we serve our families, we are serving Christ. I am a mother of three small children, ages three and under, facing daily challenges! Keeping this goal in mind has greatly helped me to stay motivated in my endeavor as I show Christ to my family and to all others who enter my home. No matter your stage in life, this course does a wonderful job in teaching and laying this essential foundation; we cannot be successful homemakers without it. 

Holly S.

I NEEDED this course! Having recently transitioned from a career to being a full-time stay-at-home mom, found myself struggling. I am not naturally organized and tend to get overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do’s that come along with homemaking. I knew that I needed more structure, but I didn’t know exactly where to start. I am so thankful that God placed this desire to help homemakers on Andrea’s heart. She does an excellent job of blending Scriptural principles with practicality. After taking the Heart of Homemaking Course, I understand the importance of my role as a homemaker, I have clear action steps to help me get organized, and I feel empowered to not just survive this phase of my life, but to enjoy it!

God has called you to homemaking - now what?

Homemaking is so much more than cooking and cleaning. Yes, my course will give you tips and tricks to help with these areas, but more than anything, I hope this course will help you to discover the joy that awaits you when you embrace the heart of homemaking. 

Sweet friend, I pray God will use this course to help you on your homemaking journey. Whether you are a first time mom, a wife, or an empty nester, I strongly believe this course will help equip you for this divine calling of homemaking no matter what stage of life you find yourself in! 

This course is for you if:

You feel God calling you to be a homemaker, but you aren’t sure where to begin. 

You’re a busy mom who is feeling overwhelmed and needs help to get organized. 

You are struggling to find joy in homemaking, even though you know this is what God wants you to do.

You have a desire to delve deeper and explore why our homes are so important and how they can impact generations to come.

I am excited to take you along with me as we explore the heart of homemaking together.

Aly G.

This course was such a blessing to me! I went into the course looking for practical tips and ideas. Along with receiving wonderful solutions and suggestions, I left the course feeling encouraged! Andrea reminded me that homemaking is an act of worship. I was inspired to fight for unity and make Christ preeminent in all things. This course is certainly worth your time as it is gospel centered and meets you right where you are at. 

Savannah Z.

This course was so helpful for me. Everything that Andrea shared aligns with the life and home I want to create for my family. All the tips and tricks are super practical and I love that she shares biblical truths about homemaking. I definitely recommend this course for all homemakers no matter what stage of life you're in!

Shelby H.

I REALLY enjoyed this homemaking course! It was filled with practical insights and founded on scriptural principles incorporated throughout. There were so many helpful handouts and extra resources to help you immediately and successfully apply the concepts being taught. This course is such a valuable tool, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to start or improve their homemaking journey.

What to expect from this course:

  • A Christ centered approach to homemaking
  • Biblical support for homemakers and their purpose
  • A specific definition of homemaking and why we are all called to it
  • How and where to start practically
  • How to take care of our physical and mental health
  • Ways to make our day to day more efficient
  • Organization and decluttering tips for success
  • Organization checklists
  • Daily practices for efficiency
  • Cleaning and housework outlines
  • Cleaning recipe book and shopping list
  • Simple cleaning routines
  • Easy meal plans and preparation
  • Simple recipe idea book
  • Budget friendly meal ideas
  • Home Decorating
  • Simple home decor ideas on a budget
  • How to create the right atmosphere in your home
  • How to find joy in homemaking
  • How to be intentional
  • How to stay motivated
  • Course references, book recommendations, shopping lists, checklists and more
  • Private Facebook Group for Homemaking encouragement and support


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  Organize & Declutter
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  Cleaning and Housework
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  Decorating Your Home on a Budget
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  Meals Made Easy
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  Atmosphere is Everything - Fill Your Home with Love
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